Retake is the most widespread association actively engaged in the care of the commons

It is a spontaneous movement of citizens, non-profit and non-partisan, promoting beauty, livability and urban regeneration, encouraging the spread of civic sense and the responsibility of every citizen in contributing to the civil and economic growth of Italy.

We operate through a set of civic mobilization events, educational projects and public-private collaborations, involving in the respect and protection of cities all components of the social context, within the framework of the principle of horizontal subsidiarity.

Retake’s field of action is public spaces, understood as streets, squares, green areas, beaches, buildings. In these areas it acts with projects and initiatives of different kinds:

  • direct interventions of improvement and beautification
  • design and participation in the implementation of structural innovations
  • development of social relations
  • civic education of people and in particular of the very young and young people
  • awareness and involvement of private institutions and businesses.

Parallel to its action in the field, Retake actively participates in the public debate on the sustainable development of cities, the enhancement of public goods, active involvement of citizens, and the efficiency of services.



Retake develops initiatives and projects aimed at the sustainable development of the city, with specific reference to the recovery, enhancement and innovation of public spaces, through collaboration with all components of society: public administration, institutions, businesses, nonprofit organizations.
In this perspective, Retake promotes the participatory re-appropriation of public spaces, teaches how to read the history of the city and stitch it up, keeps the cultural heritage alive, teaches how to recognize beauty, and strengthens the sense of belonging.

  • Territorial competitiveness
    Knowing and caring for the city, through events to restore iconic places in synergy with relevant institutions
  • Community development
    Civic education projects for toddlers and adolescents, citizen education on recycling collection, collaborations with other associations in the area, involvement of commercial activities in neighborhood care
  • Social innovation
    Collaboration with businesses, designing new geometries for the city, supporting corporate sustainability

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